OTHALO™ has developed a patent technology to manufacture building systems using recycled plastic waste. The main market is the developing world where there is a massive need of affordable houses, refugee shelters, temperature controlled units for storage of food and medicines, camps (hospitals, schools, temporary living) for disasters and emergency situations. Our core customers and partners are governments and humanitarian organizations.

The founder, Frank Cato Lahti, has been developing and testing the OTHALO™ technology in partnership with SINTEF in Trondheim and the University in Tromsø. The company was formally established and patent applications filed in 2019. After years of self-funding the development, OTHALO™ is now in a position to scale up the company, supported by UN Habitat, global thought-leaders and many engaged partners.

It all started at his home in the high arctic, in an island in the middle of the Barentssea. It is a small community of 2000 people living there, and the only reason people settled here over a thousand year ago is due to the rich fishing waters around the island. The entire history and existence of this community is based on rich, clean, life-sustainable water. Every year the local community gathers to clean up the shore of the island, pick the waste, which mostly is plastic waste.


By addressing both plastic waste and the global housing shortage, we aim to be a major contributor to a cleaner, better world.

Affordable Housing

  • Low Cost Housing
  • Industrialized manufacturing
  • Easy to build
  • Makes a huge impact on the housing deficiency

Plastic waste solution

  • 8.1 tons per shift per manufacturing lines per year of plastic waste recycled into building material makes a huge impact on the waste problem
  • Can use 75% of all plastic waste as raw material for building material
  • Can Recycle household plastics as well as industrial plastic waste
  • Plastic waste mining

Economical Empowerment

  • Decent salary above country average salary for similar work
  • Create up to 1,600 jobs, from picking to building, per production line
  • Create an economical middle class
  • Promotional work system that allows for workers to aspire for promotion

Corporate Responsibility Program

  • Will ensure safety and health programs for the employees.
  • We will also have a special focus on the female workers and the women in the local community as well as the children.
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