Creating a cleaner world through empowerment and prosperity
By pairing two of the humanity`s biggest and most challenging problems, namely the plastic waste problem and the worlds housing deficiency, we have taken upon ourselves to be a significant contributor to a better and cleaner world.

And in the process, we will create thousands of jobs that will help fight poverty and build self-esteem, which we call local empowerment.

OTHALO™ is also about giving back to society and will implement a significant Corporate Social Responsibility program that will help building safety and security for families and create stability in the local society.

4 pillars

I. Affordable Housing

  • Low Cost Housing
  • Industrialized manufacturing
  • Easy to build
  • Makes a huge impact on the housing deficiency

II. Plastic waste solution

  • 8.1 tons per shift per manufacturing lines per year of plastic waste recycled into building material makes a huge impact on the waste problem
  • Can use 75% of all plastic waste as raw material for building material
  • Can Recycle household plastics as well as industrial plastic waste
  • Plastic waste mining

III. Economical Empowerment

  • Decent salary above country average salary for similar work
  • Create up to 1,600 jobs, from picking to building, per production line
  • Create an economical middle class
  • Promotional work system that allows for workers to aspire for promotion

IV. Corporate Responsibility Program

  • Will ensure safety and health programs for the employees.
  • We will also have a special focus on the female workers and the women in the local community as well as the children.
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