Partner up for prosperous future

OTHALO™ has been approached by several parties – from small entreprenures to large scale investors - to team up with the company. These approaches have been from all over the world, including parts of the world that OTHALO™ has not yet had the opportunity to present its concept.

To be able to follow our vision, to be a significant contributor to battling the world’s plastic waste problem and to help solving the world’s growing need for affordable and adequate housing, we need partners.

To be able to spread the technology we need solid partners that can contribute to reach OTHALO™’s goal, which will include:

  • financial partners,
  • industrial partners that have the necessary know-how
  • local partners that know what is needed and can and are willing to make a difference in their local community.

In short, WE NEED PARTNERS! Because we are not solely able to spread the technology to all corners of the world to make the much needed impact in the need for housing, the need for cold chain storage, the need to battle the plastic waste problem, the need for jobs and the need for prosperity for the future for the

We see this task as a worldwide joint venture, we are talking about global challenges, that must be handled on an everyday basis on a personal, local and national level.

That is what OTHALO™ represents, that is what OTHALO™’s goal is. It creates empowerment through jobs and prosperity by solving two of the world’s biggest problems of today and for the future.

Potential partners that have the economical and/or industrial muscles to help us lift this technology and solution into the world where it is needed, will need to feel they can identify with our vision, feel they can identify with the meaning of OTHALO™ and that they bring their heart into this, as well as their professionalism.

Such first contact inquiries can be forwarded here:


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