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Affordable Housing

The need of affordable and adequate housing today is about 1Bn world wide, in Africa, south of Sahara, there is a need of 160 million homes today, and it is forecasted to be 360 million by 2050.

By producing OTHALO™ affordable housing one can industrializing the production of housing in such a scale that it actually can make a difference in the need for housing where it is put into production.

We are to produce houses on a massive scale, utilizing the local plastic waste material into building material through upcycling it into usable raw material for production of our patented (patent pending) building system.

This will create a lot of jobs from picking, production, housefitting, plumbing, electricity and management.

There is no way one can build affordable housing with the conventional building materials used today, and one cannot build at a paste that will actually do something about the growing need for housing.

Our solution for housing can be used as detached housing, small apartment buildings and larger structures and buildings with several apartments.

The production rate, as described in “technology” and the technology itself ensures that the cost of the production is fast and the building of the houses is fast as well. We are talking days instead of weeks and months from production to finished house.

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