Five segments of Unique Housing Solutions

The patented technology is material independent. The self-reinforcing structure of the building elements themselves allows the usage of up to 100% recycled plastic waste from households, industry, land and landfills and the ocean to be used.

In our patents and solutions, we can utilize different types of plastic materials, such as ABS, PE, PP, PET and PVC, which is included in approx. 75% of the world's plastic waste.

The patented system consists of elements and building systems, which ensures an easy and fast assembly. The elements can be described as composite material as each element be composed of different plastic materials with different properties. Together they support each other's strength and qualities far beyond known qualities.

The system is, as mentioned, not dependent on plastic waste. We have been asked to look to combine plastic waste with other seasonal waste material which could be a local or a regional problem in certain areas of the world.

A 3 room small, detached house of 45 square meters will use about 6 metric tons of recycled plastic waste and a 60 square meters home will use about 8.1 metric tons of recycled plastic waste.

The elements and mounting system will be produced industrially and will typically use about 8.1 metric tons of recycled plastic waste per 8/h shift, per year.

This implies that one can produce about 1,000 homes of 60 square meters per year per 8/h shift.

The same technology allows for production of Temperature Controlled Mobile Storage Units, modular buildings, refugee shelters or living pods. It will also allow for building larger structures as schools and hospitals.

As the element will be based on plastic, it is important to consider UV resistance and fire resistance. OTHALO™’s system is protected against UV-deterioration and it has a European fire classification of E/B2 on its own without the use of gypsum cladding.

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